Our Results

Success Stories

Access to step-child

We successfully negotiated our client’s access to their step-child after their divorce.

Favourable division of family business and other assets

We made sure that our client received a favourable division of a family business, family home and other assets through a separation agreement.

Equal division of increased property value

Our client shared a property with their spouse. We successfully proved that the increase in the value of the property should be shared equally.

Spousal support cancellation prevented

The former spouse applied for cancellation of spousal support based on a change in circumstances. We ensured that the court decided in favor of our client. Their spousal support was not cancelled.

Favourable division of estate after spouse passed away

We achieved fair terms for the division of family property after our client’s former spouse passed away. The division of family assets against the deceased spouse’s estate continued and we ensured that assets were divided in favour of our client.

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