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Child Contact

Pursuant to the Family Law Act, the parents of a child are the guardians of a child. Only a guardian can exercise parenting time and parenting responsibilities. However, a person who is not a guardian may have contact with a child, for example, grandparents and other extended family.

Child and Spousal Support

We discuss entitlement to spousal support under the Family Law Act and the Divorce Act and obligation to pay child support pursuant to the Family Law Act, the Divorce Act and the Federal Child Support Guidelines

Child Protection Hearings

Removal of a child by Social Services can result in Child Protection Hearings where we will represent you.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce is a matter where all issues have been resolved between the parties, except divorce. We then proceed by filing a Desk Order divorce application, without going to court.

Family Property and Family Debt

We assist you with all aspects of dividing family property and family debts, including family businesses.

Independent Legal Advice on Agreements

When a separation or a cohabitation agreement is signed, each party’s lawyer provides a certificate of independent legal advice to state that he/she provided the client with full legal advice on all aspects of the agreement. This ensures that a party signing a family law agreement cannot later dispute the validity of the agreement due to the fact that he or she did not have proper legal representation and advice.

Full Legal Advice on Family Law Issues

We provide written opinions on all aspects of family law, upon request.

Mediated Settlements

A mediated settlement is a popular alternative to family law hearings. We represent you at a family law mediation before an accredited family law mediator.

Notarizing and Signing Documents

We notarize and sign all legal documents, upon request.

Guardianship, Parenting Responsibilities and Parenting Time

We assist in resolving parenting responsibilities. Parenting responsibilities are the decision-making entitlements of each parent on important matters concerning the child. These responsibilities can be shared or exercised by the parent in whose care the child is at the time.

Determining parenting time with each parent plays a major role in the lives of children. We ensure that the voice of the child is heard.   The amount of time each parent has with the child is determined by the best interest of the child.

Parenting time is also known as Access to the Child under the Divorce Act and describes the amount of time the child spends each parent. There is no presumption that parenting time should be shared equally.

Separation Agreements, Marriage Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements

We draft all family law agreements, including separation agreements, marriage agreements and cohabitation agreements.